Jul 27, 2010

Gorgeous Paper and a Wicked Tag Sale Find

I had a lot of fun making a layout for the JBS blog last night.  No digital this time, instead a bit of real life cutting - ahhhhh - feels good!  When you have an undefinable scrapbooking style, you can go from clean and simple to homespun in 10 minutes without blinking an eye.  LOL!

Here's a peek of the Picnic Lunch patterned paper all cut up.  LOVE!

Should be up on the JBS blog this week i think.

Check out this tag sale find:

Gingerbread trim from a Victorian house - so cool!  I know they need cleaning up, but the question is: to sand or not to sand?

thanks for stopping by! - betsy


  1. oooooo great lo and find. very productive day!!!

  2. Don't sand!! :)
    Clear coat them gently and keep the charm!

  3. Your sneak looks awesome Betsy! Been thinking about you. Hope you are doing OK.

  4. visiting here from the fab flowers


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