Nov 7, 2009

Another Jenni Bowlin Sneak

There's going to be a midmonth gallery reveal for November's Jenni Bowlin Kit on the 10th right here: Jenni Bowlin DT gallery

As a guest DT member, I made some midmonth layouts and one of them has turned out to be a fave of mine. It came together so easily and is a mix of squares and butterflies and jewels and gingham. So cool how all that stuff went together on one layout. The pics on it are of ds #2 and he saw the layout sitting on my desk. A conversation followed:

ds: Nice layout!

me: Oh, the one on the desk? It's cute, isn't it?

ds: Yea. What happened?

me: Huh? It's from the kit I got in the mail.

ds: What happened?

me: (ignoring him at this point because I just don't understand what he's saying and he's a teenager and I don't understand 99% of what he says anyway).

ds: I said, what happened?

me: (OK, now I'll bite) What do you mean, "what happened?"

ds: I used to be so cute. What happened?

awwwww jeepers! He knows he's adorable - he just likes to do that to me . . .

here's a sneak:

Have a great day! See ya' over at JBS Mercantile on the 10th!


  1. what happened! that's too funny! Love the sneak Betsy!

  2. aw! that is so's the 10th..i have to run over there

  3. I really loved those cute little gingham flowers! I'm kinda hoarding them... haha

  4. How excited I am that you are the GD for of our favorites!!! Love what you've done, and you son's sweet and cute :)


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