Dec 8, 2008

Last Post for a While . . .

I've got a little problem - at least I HOPE it's a little problem. Since the day before Thanksgiving, 2-3 fingers have been constantly numb. I've seen multiple docs all with the same conclusion: pinched nerve or carpal tunnel, both of which should get better with time. What's making me crazy as anything is not being able to find anyone else out there in real life or not whose had a good outcome after having the CONSTANT numbness for a while. If you've experienced this and have gone back to your normal activities, I'd love to know!

OK - that's enough one handed typing for now!

Hope you're having a good week!



  1. Oh Betsy! That just stinks. Here's hoping you get some relief soon. Those projects you posted below are amazing btw. I LOVED that potty people one!!! :D

  2. Hi, Betsy,
    I had TERRIBLE problems -- first with one hand and then . . . i started using the other and that went too and then my face starting getting all pins and needles. I was DESPONDENT -- thought I'd never be ok.

    And my doctor prescribed: lots of naproxen and braces/splints/whatever (ESPECIALLY at night). Within a few weeks I was A OK!!!

    I thought she was nuts. I was like: that's all you're going to do? --- but getting the swelling down helped incredibly.

    Now I use a combo of track ball, laptop pad, and splints and naproxen at night THE MINUTE i think I have a problem.

    Are you able to work? Huge hugs.

  3. Oh Betsy......I can so relate....only for me it is my leg and foot......I have had 2 surgeries, and umpteen physical therapy sessions, injections, pain meds, etc for the last 3 years. I have my hands.......but the rest of my body is always hurting due to this pinched nerve in my back! I would love to hear of a happy positive outcome as well. Some days it is so discouraging! I hope the best for you my dear!

  4. Betsy, call me girl! this happened to be way back when and it was a pinched nerve. You have to contact my pain management/accupuncturist - atleast it's worth a shot!


  5. Betsy I hope that you are feeling better soon. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers


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