Jun 18, 2008

Little Camera Bag Keychain

The design team at Express Yourself in Bethel was given a cute little challenge. The owner, Amy, gave us each one of these Sheer Scroll keychains from Maya Road:

We were told to create whatever we wanted with it! It'll be a lot of fun to see what everyone did!

I have such a problem remembering certain settings on my digital camera, so I decided to create a keychain I can keep on my camera bag that has the settings written down for me.

Here are a couple of views:

Sorry for the stinky scan! I created the covers using my own photos and setting type right on top of the photo in PSE. I sent the jpgs of these to Costco and had them printed there. It's amazing what you can do these days!

Stay tuned to hear about everyone elses take on this cute little project!
Have fun creating!


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