Mar 8, 2008

Some Heidi Swapp Love

I was so excited to hear I got a 3rd place nod in Heidi Swapp's Club Heidi contest. This was one of those projects that I had a blast making - so much so, that I think I was up until 3am one night creating it. You know how you have so much fun making something - and it's all coming together so nicely - you just get so excited and that tired feeling never comes - and you go to bed just because you know you'll pay for it the next day? That's how I felt with this project! I'm SURE my scrapping friends understand and have been there themselves!

What I did was take apart a flea market alarm clock and make different inspirational faces for it. The faces attach magnetically, so I can switch them on and off as I like. Here's a couple of pics:

I used the gears from the inside of the clock on the designs also.

The best pics are on the Club Heidi website here:

Check out the projects by the first and second place winners, Catherine Feegel-Erhardt and Jenn Luce - awesome stuff!

Doesn't Heidi Swapp make gorgeous product?! Read the notice on the club website here:
about her website and monthly club taking on a new look and new funtions. I can't WAIT to see it and be inspired!

Have a great week! - betsy


  1. Betsy - You know i LOOOOOVVVE that clock. Your work here is so super stunning - I think you should have one first place!!

    ttys, Chris

  2. I love Heidi Swapp stuff, I love your project!! It's amazing!

  3. this is awesome....what a cute idea. Congrats. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. Wow! Congrats - what a great project!

  5. Betsy...this clock is one of the cutest altered items I have ever seen! I think I need to get my fanny to the flea market!

  6. Seriously, you rock the altered projects Betsy! Congrats, that is yet another fabulous idea! I want one, I gotta find a flea market too, lol! :)

  7. so so so so cute!!!! congrats!

  8. Wow. Amazing! I love it and it's practical too!

  9. HOW CREATIVE! I just love the clock! What a great idea! Love it!! I haven't seen the other entries, but you would have been my first pick! :)


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