Jan 7, 2008

The Tote Bag Obsession

I have an obsession with tote bags. I have a hard time throwing away those canvas freebies you get at conventions and grand openings. I'm always thinking, "But, I just might need this one . . . "

I've started altering tote bags and am having a blast with it. The three I'm showing here are heavy duty tote bags from Smith and Hawkin.

This one I bought with a gift certificate from my Cub Scout Den after completing my years as a Den Mom. I used Making Memory Rubons, ribbons, and buttons to decorate it. Many of the buttons are from my Grandma's collection.

Here's a little one that I got free last Christmas with a rose plant. Mother-in-law got the rose plant, I got the bag - LOL!

I used Making Memory and American Crafts rubons again, a paper flower and some pretty jeweled pins. The pink pin was my grandma's.

Here's another one I made for a charity crop for Anne Heyen's little girl Margaret (hope you're doing well, Margaret!):

I again used a lot of Making Memory stuff, ribbons, and buttons.
It's a blast using your imagination and changing an ordinary tote bag or gardening bags into totes personalized just for you. I've found that Making Memory rubons go on canvas wonderfully. You just need to place a firm surface under the canvas when you are rubbing. American Crafts rubons work great also.

Next on my to-do list is to alter my camera bag. I want to turn that thing into something just a little bit cuter.

Have fun with your own obsessions!


  1. mega mega cute!!!! I love how you used your old MM rub ons!!! so cute!

  2. LOVE those bags! I love how you used Grams buttons and pins too! So much meaning!

  3. super cute totes Besty! Now I want to get one of them!

  4. Oh gosh! These are so so so so cute!!!! Now my brain is a twirling thinking of things to do!

  5. Oh wow - those totes are all just fabulous, Betsy!!! Mind if I link your blog on mine? lmk!! :)


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