Dec 28, 2007

Welcoming in the New Year with a Goalkeeper

I'm just loving my newest little project. It sounds very 'soccer mom' to call it my 'Goalkeeper', but it seemed like the perfect name for this sweet little box.

I made this for a local scrapbook store, Express Yourself, in Bethel Connecticut using papers from the Autumn Leaves line "A Rhonna Christmas". My apologies for the photos - I used my son's 'not-so-good' digi camera for these. You've got to see these papers in person. Gorgeous!

This box holds a ring of tags on which I will write my goals for 2008. What I love most about this little box is the little surprise I put in the bottom of the box. It reminds me of those cool coffee mugs that have the little figurine in the bottom of the cup - the thing you see when you finish your coffee. I've got a 3-D plaque with the words 'goals' adhered to the bottom of this box - you see it when you remove your tag ring. I may change that plaque to the word 'focus' - just to keep myself in line and on task for 2008 - LOL!

Here are some pics of my little Goalkeeper:

Have a happy and healthy New Year!


  1. Great way of collecting your plans and thoughts for the coming year.

    Good luck with making them all happen in 2008.

  2. Very pretty!! And a great idea!!!Your goals could not be ignored in such a pretty box!!!!Happy New Year!

  3. This is so cute!! I love it!


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