Mar 5, 2015

Five Photos in February

Here's Five Photos from February:

1.  The "I love tracking creatures in the snow" photo.  When it just started snowing and the tracks were being perfectly preserved I was able to track a few different animals around the neighborhood.  It was especially fun to try and figure out how the deer were getting into a fenced public garden.

2.  The "Silhouette cutting machine came to the rescue" photo.  When dear niece's long awaited birthday was planned there was only one day or so to get things ready.  Needing photo booth props last minute was no problem with the Silhouette and some cool computer skillz.

3.  The "while others ate cordon bleus" photo.  This celery speared meatloaf heart was just my speed for Valentine's Day.

4.  The "after 3 ACL surgeries she better not try climbing in the snow" photo.  With snow even much higher now, this is the girl's normal path where she takes off across the front yard as I walk the street and try to beat her.  She's very confused that our tradition has come to a temporary halt.  Come spring, it will return dear girl.

5.  The "this could only happen to my sister-in-law's child" scrapbook page.  A birthday party that has  turn of events fit for a sitcom, this is one night we will all remember.  And therefor absolutely appropriate to document on a scrapbook page.  And to make the strangeness even stranger, everything happened while a scrapbooking retreat was going on in the the room next door.  Yes, scrapbookers took advantage of the cute girls, hero firemen, and real life comedy to photograph and document themselves.

So there you go - five photos in February.

And a bit of fun going on this month ...  we're playing Calvinball in the Get It Scrapped forum and gallery.

It's the kind of game where you win just by playing and being part of the community.  And I get a point for admitting to NOT preparing AT ALL for the games.  So here goes:  I DID NOT PREP!  And my low score so far is evidence of that!

If you are into papercrafts of any kind and want to join in the fun - check it out!


  1. the snow tracking is so cool! and your meatloaf heart is way too cute!

  2. Fun photos, fab layout. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work during Calvinball.

  3. it was great seeing you at the crop!


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