Jun 10, 2014

The Little Garden at the Big Church in the Little City

Where has all my blogging gone?  So much has been going on - so much blogworthy stuff too, that the energy to be blogging has been hard to find! But this is a good problem, isn't it?! 

First and most exciting was the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY.  Awesome weather, awesome vendors, and the most awesome time out with Jenni & Jared Bowlin who happen to be the cutest, most wonderful, hard-working couple ever.  I'll have to post my photos on this later this week.

Today I'd like to share a secret little garden I happened upon just before leaving for Rhinebeck this past Sunday.  This was my first time to The Basilica of St. John in Stamford, Ct.  Quite a beautiful church, a wonderful Monseigneur that really made me laugh, and a surprise hidden garden tucked in between the church and another building.  These tiny pockets of pretty always amaze me.

This photo is a favorite:

Here's to finding more little pockets of pretty!

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