Mar 3, 2014

Scrapbooking Style

Have you taken the Scrapbooking Style Quiz

I did and this is what I got :

And I think it's pretty "right on".

Scrapbooking style is such a hard thing to define.  I always think if I really really knew my style, my scrapbooking would come easier.  I slump, I ponder, I take a long long time to scrap.

So it's no wonder that I'm quite excited for this new 5-day event with Get-It-Scrapped Style is Leverage.  It's free! for GIS members.  Not a member?  Read about the event and how you can join in here.

There's more going on over at Get-It-Scrapped, including a month long game of Calvinball. If you want some goofy scrapbooking fun you must check it out!  

(cool .gif by Paula Gilarde)


  1. That's fun. I'll have to take the quiz and see what is chosen for me.

  2. Fun! I've seen it on a few FB pages, but haven't taken it yet. I guess I should to see if it's right on. :)

  3. hey! i'm a playful story summoner too!

  4. Fun - I'll have to take that quiz!

  5. I'm a playful storyteller. :) I'd say the quiz is spot on!


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