Feb 5, 2014

WOYWW : 244

Wow - it's been forever since I've done a WOYWW post.  I MISS IT!  I miss seeing others' spaces.  It makes me feel good to peek into the creative spaces of other people around the world.  It makes me feel connected.

If you want to see Julia's post, who started this whole wonderful thing, look here.

Here's my desk today:

Bits and pieces from the February JBS Mercantile Papercrafting kit - including the Antiquarian. Oh so pretty.

Where I am right now ... is trying to figure out which of the hundreds of ideas i have for the numbered tickets and safety pin ring I should pursue: mini album with the tickets hanging from the pins ... a "laundry list" layout ... using the tickets for a baseball layout : ds' number is 26 ... and on and on!

Thanks for visiting!  So looking forward to seeing desks today!


  1. I know what you mean, haven't been around for a while myself. Fab tickets. Francesca #78

  2. I can never remember to take a shot on Tuesday night (I work on Wednesdays & am up before the sun) to share on Wednesdays but I love this!!

  3. Ooooh Betsy, all those bits and pieces are inspiring--and I'm with you, those number tickets=fabulous!

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww!
    #86 this week with
    tiny books and snow

  4. Oh hi, nice to see you! Loving the tickets too..and the laundry list idea really appeals to me. But hey...never enough tickets..!!


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