Nov 18, 2013

Grateful for this House ...

The JBS Inspiration Blog is full of wonderful "grateful" projects this month.  

My take was to make a mini album on my home, something I am so very grateful for.  I guess some would walk into my house and not truly understand why I love this place so much.  There are cracks in some ceilings, painting needs to be done, the kitchen is still decked out in 1950s counter-top glory.  The house is dwarfed by the larger homes springing up all around it.  But we've put our own sweat, our own ideas, however humble they are, into the home.  Even though there's still a lot to do, to me, it's pretty much perfect.

And so ... the little book.  

I used a JBS Hodge Podge mini album as the base and starting point. Gosh these books are so much fun.  The books come in 3 styles, each having their own inserts.  And I noticed they are on sale now too!


There's something about a "hodge podge" mini that's so charming and so much fun to create with.

To see more of my Home mini album, see my post on the JBS Inspiration Blog!

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  1. Was looking for the blog hop for "your December story"., but like your mini album. I have some random pics of my home. Neat idea

  2. What a great mini, Betsy. Love the way you stacked the little chip houses :-)

  3. What a sweet little mini, I love all the painted jbs chipboard. I think older houses have more character than their larger counterparts anyway :)


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