Sep 11, 2013

WOYWW : 223

Here is my very late addition to the WOYWW files started by Julia on her blog.  I type this afraid to touch anything as my internet service has been up and down for a couple of weeks.  I thought I was smart enough to fix it myself, but I guess not.  So I have a rare opportunity to post and I will. I'm sitting here like a scared little kitten afraid to touch any wire or move anything!

I want to show my workdesk this weekend - I was away taking ds#2 to college and took a quick and easy project I could finish at the hotel room desk.

I pretty much fit everything in this plastic carry all ... and thought it quite appropriate to get moving on ds's college baseball book.  My goal was to finish the dividers for the book!

I've collected supplies that work well with his school colors and baseball.  The canvas stars were painted and splattered before I left and stored on wax paper.

More supplies that work well.  I keep them all together ...

And for once I have a finished product to show you:

I love them - they look awesome as dividers in his book!

Have a great day at your desk today!


  1. These are brilliant :-)
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #45

  2. How smart you are! And those dividers turned out great! Creative Blessings! ~ Kelly #105

  3. Oh - way cool !!! I LUV those little Punchy thingies :-D
    Thank you for letting me snoop :-)


    IKE in Greece #91 xxx

  4. The dividers look great!! I just love how you craft on the go!!! :) Evie

  5. Smart idea to pack everything up like that so you could bring it with to finish the cool dividers. wish ds#2 a wonderful college year! :) Thanks so much for visiting me!!!

  6. Thats such a cool idea, taking things with you. Where did you get the plastic carry case from to carry it all, I would like something similar :) Lx

    1. Lea - the plastic carry case is from "Generations" - i think i bought it a long time ago though ... It's very heavy duty!

  7. Great job on the dividers! They look awesome and you will probably get his new classmates wanting some too! Happy WOYWW, Rasz #125

  8. Nice! I am still not caught up in my boys' school albums and now one is a senior in college and the other is a sophomore in college. I need to get busy! Kim 38

  9. Thanks for the lovely comment re Jacquie's workspace - she read my blog and the comments and was really touched by all the positivity. Thanks for the snoop round yours! x Jo

  10. What a great way to spend time in a hotel. Thanks for your comments and stopping by

    Kim (Daisy)

  11. Love all your products for his book and the dividers look amazing!! Brigita #103

  12. that looks all so organized! I have so much material for my boys, to make an album, but... well, I hope the time will come ;)
    Cheers, Jana #64

  13. I love the clean graphic feel of your dividers. I can envision the Senior design on a graduation card too. Sorry for the late WOYWW visit.


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