Jul 3, 2013


Ah! two weeks in a row - love the WOYWW tradition Julia started - she's in week 213!

I primarily keep my favorite lens on my camera and rarely switch it out unless I need a zoom for sports or beach photos.  It's a great lens, but you really have to stand back if you want to get more of the area in your photo.  I'll have to switch out next time for WOYWW.  To get this shot, I was squeezing myself against the furniture ... nearly tipped it over ...

Anyway - I tried playing with gesso and gold paint this week.  Major fail! Perhaps it was the thick acrylic tube paint I had gotten, but mixing the 2 gave a strange reaction.  Since the gold paint was thick anyway, I went with that alone.  My goal was to embed sequins and glitter in the gesso and/or paint - it worked in this thick paint alone!

More stamping and digital die cuts - all of this is using the new July JBS Mercantile kit.  There's a roll of old wallpaper border in the upper left that I got at a flea market - a funny coincidence since I saw Jenni put some up for sale in this month's Flea Market!

Hopefully, this layout will be done by the next WOYWW!


  1. Hi, Betsy! Thanks for popping over to visit and happy WOYWW to you. I've never tried embedding anything in paint or gesso -- I'll have to try that! ~ Laura #103

  2. great photo! and experimentation is good :)
    happy WOYWW and have a blessed week :)
    no. 35

  3. Perhaps their base medium had conflicting products in them so they went odd...that can happen. I have two brand of acrylics in my studio and they don't mix well either and they are both acrylic, go figure! #49

  4. It's really fun to try new techniques. Happy crafting #12

  5. seems like gesso is a component in just about everyones post this week. I need to get up the courage to go in the room of doom and try to do something with mine! Hope you have a great 4th of July and thanks for visiting my desk and leaving a message. Vickie #93

  6. Great photo of your desk. Like the effect you have created. Happy WOYWW Anne x #65

  7. Loving the look of that page and it's a great camera shot! I use acrylic paints all the time (Jo Sonjas) and usually metallics don't mix well with things like gesso or texture paste due to the mica, it dulls it down so you lose the metallic effect. Sounds like you success anyway, so well done you! Thanks for sharing and happy woyww Liz@63

    1. Thanks for your advice about the metallic acrylics!

  8. That's cool - I have just got some Gesso but haven't used it yet !
    I have that same thing with my camera LoL
    Happy WOYWW

    IKE x #30

  9. looks like you got there in the end and that is some great photographing
    Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #52


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