Jul 30, 2013

Creative Tuesday : The Animated Gif

How about some creative tech?

I bought my Nikon digital SLR in 2008.  There was no movie function in the camera in 2008 - that came later.  I can't lie - I would get a bit envious of everyone with movie functions built into their cameras and phones.

I knew there was a way to use animation in Photoshop Elements to get some kind of cute action going on but in my previous version of PSE (9 i think), there was a bug in creating an animated gif .  And true to Adobe form, even though it was a recognized bug, there would not be a fix until a later version.  Fast forward to PSE 10 and the animation bug was fixed.

If you take a series of photos using a rapid fire shutter you'll have sequence when put together as an animated gif, will form a cute animation as seen by the "singer and her background dancer" below.

This is a sequence of 8 photos shot rapidly.  I resized them to a workable size and layered one photo on top of another in PSE. I highlighted each photo in the psd file, chose "file" > "save for web" and ticked the box for ".gif"and then "animation".  You are able to change the timing in between frames at the bottom of the page.

OK - so it's not a true video, but it's cute, isn't it?  Just one way to get creative with your computer.

Have a Creative Tuesday!

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