Oct 19, 2012

Fall Ball in New England & A Great Class

Fall Ball in New England looks a bit like this:

prepping with cat litter:

very dirty teammates:

you've got to wonder "how are they finding the bases?":

and sometimes it gets so bad, the ump needs a rug;

Would you like to learn more about your Silhouette from one awesome scrapper and teacher?  Amanda Jones is one of the sweetest, most talented ladies out there.  And I'm so excited for this class at Creative Passions:

You can read all about it on Amanda's blog right here:

I'm so happy to have a tiny little part in this awesome class.  I've seen Amanda's class schedule and this girl is so organized and is packing a lot of info into 4 weeks.  I hope to see you there!

Have a creative weekend!  OH!  If you haven't checked out our JBS Blog Hop yet - read my post below!  You have until Saturday night to enter!


  1. Looks like it makes for some very messy ball playing. LOL! I've been contemplating a Silhouette purchase so this class would be right up my alley. Thank you for the link! :)

  2. Is it that wet in the fall too? We always need rain. I signed up for the class so keep your fingers crossed the new computor goes in tomorrow and the Silhouette next:):)


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