Sep 13, 2012

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I'm taking over Mommy's blog today because I know you worry about me and want to know how I'm doing.  Well, I had quite an adventure today!

You told Mommy you needed some "junk" for a secret project you're working on so Mommy took me to the woods to look for the "junk".  It was so much fun and reminded me of the old days when Mommy would take me there a lot.

Of course Mommy took her camera and drove me crazy telling me to "stay" and stuff like that. I don't want to "STAY" I want to "GO" and "SMELL AROUND"!  Can you talk to her about that?

Anyway, I saw lots of water, a big scary tunnel, and saw some guy running.  But we didn't find your "junk".  It was so much fun!  I was walking pretty good too.  And you know that little problem Mommy has?  Well, she did pretty good too.

At one point, I tried to lose her.  I just wanted a moment alone.  So I went this route thinking mommy wouldn't be able to follow me.  But she climbed over the tree trunk!

I really want to go on adventures like this again, so can you ask Mommy to look for more "junk" please?  And come home early tonight because I think I'm gonna need a massage.

Mommy took me home when she realized scrapbooking was on T.V.   Can you talk to her about that, too?   On the way home, mommy had her window down and a hawk almost flew in the window! See!  I told you I had an adventure today!



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