Aug 2, 2012

Got Kits? Get 'em Organized.

A while ago on the JBS Mercantile forum, it was questioned if there was a way to keep track of the supplies in the Mercantile kits, so you can refer to them down the road.  Lisa Dickinson responded with a great idea.  She copies and pastes the kit photo and supply list into a Word doc, prints it off, and saves it in her kit box.

I thought it was such a great idea, but of course didn't implement it myself - that would make too much sense now wouldn't it?

Recently, I've been using Evernote to organize ... well, to organize everything going on in my life.  I'm even using it, based on Lisa's idea, to keep track of my kit supplies.

It's so easy - just a copy and paste - well just a click and drag on my Mac!  Right now, I don't even bother printing it off - it's been great just having it available on Evernote.

And speaking of kits - the August JBS Mercantile kit is for sale - you can see a sneak of it in the large photo above.  The exclusives (stamp and stencil) are my FAVORITE to date.  Take a look at what the design team has been doing with them.  So many great ideas!

I made this layout with the Papercrafting Kit only:

The challenge this month was to use the Papercrafting Kit only and add dimensional papercrafting.  Pinwheels were the perfect addition to this layout about the Chester Fair.  That's my mom on the left and me on the right. My grandpa's in both photos, too.  Ah ... memories and traditions !


  1. Oh I love your layout!! And great organizing tip! I have to learn more about Evernote. I have it on my phone (based on someone's recommendation) but I've never even used it.

    1. Pamela - i LIVE by my Evernote now ... if you have any questions just ask!

  2. I love those yellow flowers on the layout, nice!

  3. This is an incredible page, Betsy, I so truly love it!

  4. Awesome tip!!! I love Evernote just for taking notes for blog post while I'm out & about but never thought of using it for organization like this! Thanks!


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