Aug 29, 2012

Feng Shui My House is Not

... and this is quite evident in our  family room which is not only used for my scrapbooking, but houses our computer also. I not only use this computer area for the digi parts of my scrapbooking, but use it for a few part-time jobs I've acquired also.  The men in the house congregate here often. This area is used A LOT!

... and yes - feng shui it is not.  To get from point a to point b in this room, I need to squeeze through two tables while twisting my body in a most awkward move.  To get printer paper, I almost always hit my head on the desk.  To operate my silhouette, I have to get up, walk around a table, and get jabbed in the kidney before I can turn it on.  My computer is in an enclosed space and was heating up so much, I thought it was going to blow.  And all of this honestly, is not good for anyone, never mind something living with a lovely life challenge.

And so last night, even though I was feeling sick as a dog, I was determined to make this better.  I removed everything from the area and first tackled the mess of wires.  I found out one large voltage protector wasn't even plugged in to anything.  I fixed, wrapped, and labeled, then put things away so they made SENSE for how I work, and got rid of the kidney poking end table.

My end result is not perfect, but it is so.much.better.

You can't see much from this photo, but trust me.  It's made a HUGE difference.

And adding fresh flowers from my garden just made it pretty. You can't forget pretty.

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