May 15, 2012

S.O.S. and Mercantile May

Living with a Lovely Life Challenge has had me searching for others with similar challenges who are living their life positively.  I stumbled upon this blog: .  The byline on her blog had me hooked: "Choosing Hope in Spite of Chronic Illness" .

Jamee has started a weekly link-up post entitled: Sharing our Spoons -  aptly abbreviated S.O.S.   She's urging those with chronic illnesses to take make some healthy decisions and link up to her weekly Tuesday post:

  1. Physical: could be weight loss or exercise related or it could be goals like eating more veggies or cutting soda
  2. Mental/Emotional: take a day to be alone, write a letter, paint, etc
  3. Spiritual: start a new devotional book, commit a certain amount of time a day for prayer/meditation
  4. Something fun: Take time to treat yourself – maybe a pedicure or Starbucks (if you don’t typically splurge for specialty coffee)
  5. BONUS: One thing to get you out of your comfort zone a week – try something new, sign up for a class you maybe have been putting off.
If you're wondering what living with a chronic illness has to do with spoons, read this here.  One of the best explanations of living with a chronic illness.

I love making connections - either on-line or irl - and this is a great way to do so.  I'm picking something ... number 4 .... something fun ... to focus on this week ... !

And speaking of FUN ... the Mercantile May Papercrafting Kit and Add-Ons are nearly sold out.  How I LOVED the paper in the Papercrafting Kit!  My projects this month:

A little mini in a box using much of the Antiquarian Kit in honor of my flower girl way back when:


A sweet fairy cut from the vintage sheet music cover and embellished:

Did I say the Papercrafting Kit papers were gorgeous?  This layout uses 2 of them:

And a layout of dear niece ... more lovely paper and Artisan Add-On goodies too:

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Betsy - so glad you found Sharing Our Spoons! Looking forward to getting to know you!!

  2. Beautiful work!! Love the designs!

  3. Love your layouts and I just pinned the Water layout to Pinterest - It's awesome!

  4. I so love the vintage designs, sooooo cute but loving that last layout with the stings of green circles, adorable!

  5. I need to figure out my "Spoons" here, Betsy! :) I have a whole drawer full!

  6. I so loved your gallery contributions this month! You always put so much of your heart into your projects.

  7. Your layouts are GORGEOUS Betsy! I especially love the one with all of the circles and the stitching.

  8. Betsy,
    Every month, your JBS projects just sweep me off my feet and wow me. Seriously...such inspiration & such simple, do-able ideas. Such artistic joy, such aesthetically pleasing inspiration! THANK YOU so much for continuing to inspire me! :)


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