Feb 8, 2012

Precious Things Safe ...

as I just can't sit still for one minute.  filling little squares with pretty bits and baubles was perfect for the Superbowl.

Old buttons from flea markets and tag sales ...

precious Jenni Bowlin embellishments ...

i just could NOT remove these sweet babies from their card ...

and these are only a small piece of my button collection.

Hello.  My name is Betsy.  And I'm a button hoarder.

(anyone know of a button challenge anywhere?)


  1. your are not alone~I'm one too!! Thanks for stopping by my blog~love it when you stop in. Hope you got my email~

  2. Ha, love what you've done with this awesome find...and if you find a button-group, let me know, lol!

  3. Oh, my! This is so cute! And I can totally see why you wouldn't take those lovely little buttons from their card! My friend Sasha challenged me to use 5 buttons from my collection on a scrapbooking page recently, and I still haven't been able to use them! :) You are definitely not alone!!

  4. Love the way you've sorted your buttons. I'm in love with buttons too!

  5. Color me jealous, Betsy! LOL, jealous about the containers and the buttons ;)

  6. Love your sweet collection!! I have some a few little boxes of vintage buttons too and I can't use them yet just keep looking at them. Love your wooden box to organize them in!

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