Feb 2, 2012

New Project Getting Done and Sweet Little Butterflies

My last post got me thinking about another baseball album I haven't finished yet.  John is a sophomore in college and his HS Baseball album is still 50% done.  I think it's time to get it done!  And his birthday is this month - wouldn't it be nice to give this to him!

I loved the supplies I chose for this book - the Sport's Edition line from Teresa Collins - with Jenni Bowlin and American Crafts added in for good measure.  I even got three other (non-scrapbooking) baseball moms to order the same supplies.  And nobody has finished yet!

So it's time ...  

This means I need to actually dig through FILM photos and negatives for freshman year.  Oh joy!

And to finish it off, I'll have to employ this intimidating machine:

Calm my nerves!  Have you used the Zutter?  Please let me know how it worked out for you!  Because placing my pages into the teeth of this thing is giving me nightmares!

and did you see what's for sale at the Mercantile?  Pretty little butterflies ... one of my all-time favorite Jenni embellisments ... for only $1.00 ... oh flutter ... flutter !!

Have a creative day!


  1. I am on the Zutter DT and would b happy to help u!!! Contact me any time.


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