Oct 18, 2011

a lovely palette and a digi sale

This color combo from the October Mercantile kit has got to be one of my favorites.  Can you tell by my blog?

and speaking of the kit, here's my contribution to the gallery this month:

Sweet dearest oh so photogenic niece

this was definitely a summer to remember

got the rock idea from Country Living Magazine

more on this later!

I was so very proud of myself, since I am "The Slowest Scrapbooker in the World", that I actually produced 5 projects this month.  I'm counting my October Daily which uses the main kit mostly.  I'm now adding bits and pieces from past kits as below.  The gold foil leaves are from Tinsel Trading in NYC.  The Exclusive Postcard Stamp in the main kit can be used for so many things!  I'm actually going to try and mail a handmade postcard using this!

I'm keeping up with my daily photos for October and every 6 days plop them into my template, print them off and scrap.  This one above is of dear mom, who after years of me coercing her try scrapbooking, finally took the bite!  She's excited - how cool is that?!

And now .... a digital designer sale!

Oooooo! How I love Jen Martakis and her digital designs.  Can you tell?  My blog uses her designs and I pretty much have used her digital products to change up my blog all the time!  Check out her entire inventory on 2Peas - she has templates, brushes, alphas, and of course absolutely wonderful kits of paper and embellies!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a creative day!


  1. Beautiful stuff Betsy! Love that wallet (?) especially. Can't wait to learn more about it :)

  2. awesome projects Betsy!!! try for 6 next month:):)

  3. Love the talking rock what a wonderful idea

  4. I really love your projects! Such a great gig to have with those lovely mercantile kits. And they are lucky to have you too. Love love love your daily project! I desperately wanted to go to the Tinsel Trading Co when in NYC but it was not to be, should visit the website now that you've inspired me.

  5. Your details are amazing. I couldn't even pick one thing as a fav. I just love how out of the box you were thinking

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely - especially the rocks :)

  7. Love your projects especially the album. You have great creative ideas. Can't wait to see your next post.

  8. Please tell us more about making the "fabric paper." The result is so lovely! :-)


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