Oct 5, 2011

Getting that October daily ready ...

After playing around with a bunch of different ideas, I finally decided on the photo / journaling format for my October daily.

There's a lot of talk on the message board about how we are approaching this, so I'll share my way here:

I'm creating the template for my mini pages in a word processor - I use Mac Pages - but something similar can be done in Word.

This is the template.  The green boxes will have photos in them.  They're small - only 2x2 inches, so I have a space for a larger photo that will be included now and then.  This same template will be copied and used every six days.  All I have to do is change the numbers, photos, add my journaling, and print it off.

The colors I chose for the print match the mini book I made from the October JBS Mercantile kit.  To match them nicely, I simply pulled the internet image of the kit up on my screen, and used the color-picker in my Mac Pages to "choose" the colors I wanted.

Here's the general idea:

click image to view larger

I just love it when your computer makes life easy for you ... !

so .... I'll be waiting every six days I think to print my photos out .... if I can wait that long ...  ;)

If you've never used a color-picker, you should try it!  PSE has a color-picker that does allow you to get the color code for anything on your screen.  You can find a bunch online, too - apps for your Mac and programs for your PC. Many are free or very cheap!

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  1. besty , thanks for posting this. i'm going to have to try it.


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