Oct 31, 2011

And once again the weather pulls the plug ...

... and the latest New England storm has us out of power again.  And the prediction for power return is a week .... again?  Oh dear ....  blogging from dh's work and the library and any odd place I can is not the greatest.

Soooooo! Instead of reading my blog today read Jenni's blog and get a great description of the kits available at midnight tonight (CST, i think).  The main kit has one of GREATEST JBS red/black releases yet.  Oh go take a look! And it looks like you can pick up an extra pack of the main kit papers!

It's Halloween!  You'll be up late anyway - and you deserve a treat!

Have a creative day, and hoping my New England friends stay warm this week!



  1. Sorry to hear about the storms and the power! Hang in there!

  2. The power outage sounds like a pain in the neck!!! Hope you get it back soon!

  3. Stay warm and i'll take a look!!! my prob is I love it all~

  4. I'm in CT too...our power was restored earlier this afternoon. Hope yours is not too far behind!

  5. I hope you have power back now! We lost power Sat - Mon but we are back to normal now.


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