Sep 15, 2011

Yes, I met Dina! and good discoveries ...

Hopped the train and navigated the subway last weekend to one of  Dina Wakley's classes in NYC.

Yes ... I saw THIS book in person.  Yes ... she is an incredible artist.  Yes ... she is a wonderful teacher. And Yes ... her son CJ is such a cutie!

Dina taught a technique and mini book that amazed.  The stamping technique was so cool and interesting that even dh paid attention when I tried to explain it to him later.  Now that's BIG.

If you have a chance to take a class from Dina - do it!  She's such a great teacher - you can even find a bunch of her online classes as Get It Scrapped.  I took this one, and it changed the way I look at scrapbooking and crafting!

Have you seen this shop?  Oh my - I placed and order the other day and it came very quickly, wrapped to the gills.  The wrapping was so pretty, I almost didn't unwrap it!  So lovely really, and I guess a very fitting name: InspireLovely .  Beautiful, unique stuff!

I had planned to go to Brimfield a couple weekends ago.  I wanted to go the the Antique textile event before the big show.  Unfortunately my lovely life challenge got in the way this time.  But dear mom, upon hearing what type of goodies I was missing, came in to show me her stash of textile goodies.  And like a good mom, let me take whatever I wanted home:

Oh don't you just love those vintage buttons!

And another good discovery ... i organized my unorganized photos .... the ones that were filling up a drawer because i thought i was going to scrap them, but didn't ... or printed doubles of just in case ... and found a bunch of enlargements ... i can't even remember why I had so many:

and  i'm inspired to scrap these enlargements before the photos get totally ruined ... but to scrap them simply ... so the photo is center stage ...

I leave you with a few images from the project I was working on with the vintage postcard sheet from the Jenni Bowlin Studio Mercantile September Antiquarian kit.

We had a great day at the beach this summer where our dog Shiner became a *star* in our eyes.  I just HAD to document this day.  The layout is 6x12 and a pocket on the layout holds a mini album:

The mini was made from the vintage postcard sheet in the JBS Mercantile September Antiquarian add-on:

Fold it up a certain way (and it's already perforated!) ...

to make the sweetest little book complete with a journaled tag and painted birds and banners and paint splatters ...

have a creative day!


  1. love that adorable little book. And yes, those are wonderful vintage textile goodies!

  2. How great that you got to meet Dina! I'd love to take a class from her :) Your mini is awesome, as always!

  3. How awesome!! I'm still in love with the mini. Sorry that the life is getting in the way of things...

    We need to get together soon! *hugs*

  4. Wow! What a fabulous little salty dog mini book! So awesome! And I'm so happy that you got to take such a fun class. Sounds like a wonderful time. Love your new vintage sewing goodies, too. :)

  5. Oh wow...I lov that little book. Now I want another sheet of those post cards. I wish I had saw this before I cut mine all up. How neat.



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