Sep 6, 2011

Surviving the Empty Nest

brush by Rhonna Farrer, nest by the Sparrow family

With both boys in college now, things are different.  I went grocery shopping yesterday to refill our frig after the hurricane, and I was stumped. How much milk?  Deli meat?  Do I really have to make dinner tonight?  But that's just part of it.  I guess you can get wrapped up in what you miss by having them gone.  But then it becomes more about you and not so much about their new adventures and opportunities. 

So instead, I'm wrapping  my brain around happy thoughts. Actually, I've been preparing for this day for a looong looong time.  I knew it would be hard, so I tried to get myself ready so I wouldn't fall into a hole of shock and despair!  Seeing changes in your life as opportunities helps focus on the positive.  And really, isn't this stage of life just full of positives for everyone?  I think so.  

So I drew up a set of goals on Evernote covering all aspects of my life: scrapbooking, home, work, health ... you name it. Big plans for sure.  And I read them last night, ready to put them on paper, in sort of a ceremonial way to say "AND THIS SHALL BE DONE!"  And then promptly dosed off ... sitting up ...

My list is exhausting.   So I'm revising my plan.  

My scrapbooking plans for Surviving the Empty Nest from now until December are:

1.  Try to lift some scrappy goddesses out there.  Can their magical talents rub off on me?

2.  Try to beat the pants off of Doris and Briana one month and make MORE layouts with my Jenni Bowlin kits than they do. (but is this humanly possible?)

3.  Learn something new each week that will help use my lovely computer for my scrapbooking.  I'll even share it here.  

the end.

My original list is still on Evernote, but I'm not even tempted to open the page.

I think I'm going to survive!

circa: ages ago


  1. Aww - sweet photo. That one should be on your list of photos to scrap if you haven't already. And I've been thinking abotu the scraplifting idea. Might do that myself!

  2. Awww, Betsy, I feel for you - I can't imagine - I feel kind of lonely when my kids are gone for two days to grandma's. But time for new adventures I guess, like you said. Great idea of beginning a list.

    Bwahaha, about beating me and Doris. For the record, right now I am in the lead! I'll be watching for you though!

  3. Loved the photo~I was there once and it is weird but kinda nice too!!! Great list!!!

  4. Sweet picture of you and your boys. Can't wait to see what you come up with, I need scrappy inspiration!

  5. Such a sweet post, and such a wonderful photo. Makes me so sentimental. I've still got a few more years with my kiddos, but I see the future lurking out there on the horizon. My son is a junior this year. Not much time.....but still some. :)
    Love your plans you've set.


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