Aug 26, 2011

Flea Market Friday and the Calm ...

Had some sweet little scores at the flea market while on vacation ...

How I just LOVE vintage storage!  This is perfect for my scrap area!

... and these sweet little things were all dirt cheap ... the ideas are churning.  Aren't those leaf coasters the coolest?

 I'm always amazed that even though my late-August garden is such a mess, I can still muster up a sweet little bouquet ...

Now I must go ... it's the calm before the storm ... actually such a beautiful day today ...
gotta batten down the hatches!
I love extreme weather - love it!  As long as no one gets hurt.
Hoping for little damage to anyone in hurricane Irene's way!


  1. Oh I love flea market finds. I wish people would share them even more. I can't get enough of seeing what everyone else finds. Great finds...

    I love extreme weather too. Along with you as long no one gets hurts. Love a good thunder storm.


  2. What awesome finds!! I would love to visit a flea market sometime!

    I, too, love extreme weather. I've never experienced a hurricane, so I'm not too sure about that, but give me a good strong thunderstorm any day! I love it!!

  3. Stay safe, Betsy!!!! Thinking of you!

    love the rickrack as well

  4. Betsy, Your flea market finds looks like you found these things at 315 Griswold Road. I have Grandpa's ruler JUST like the ones in your photo! He gave it to Scott. And the ric rack... and spools... priceless!


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