Jul 12, 2011

Boy Grown

I so loved the Mercantile Park Bench Add-on kit:

Lovely colors, lovely vintage, lovely bits and pieces.

After Matt's graduation he was standing by the car, the sun was setting, and i snapped a photo and the add on was just perfect for the layout ...

The carnation was the actual carnation on his graduation gown.

oh love that kid - love these boys ...

totally exciting scrappy news coming up - a post for tomorrow!

have a wonderful wonderful creative day ...


  1. They do grow up fast don't they!? Wonderful keepsakes you've made. I'm looking forward to the new scrappy news!

  2. It's beautiful - I love the layers built upon that fruit?crate label!

  3. Oh, how I love this layout! You seriously must WEEP creating this beautiful stuff. There's just so much heart in what you do.

  4. Wow! I'm in awe, Betsy!! and a bit teary..

  5. Fantastic LO and I LOVE how you included the carnation!

  6. Fabulous layout Betsy! Congrats to Matt :)


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