May 28, 2011

A Paper Lovers Adventure

I saw this ad in the paper this morning:

It was a local number and I got excited.

The interesting thing however, was that I was the only "non-dealer" there.  Guys that had been in the business for years it seems were climbing all over each other rummaging through crates and crates of this gigantic collection.  There was so much, and it was so stuffed into one garage, that I'd say we were only able to see 5% of the stuff.

When the owner asked what I was looking for I felt a little dorky saying "Sweet little graphics for projects I'm working on ..."

And pickin' through this stuff is hard work.

Guys were asking other guys to pass boxes to them and some guys would pretend not to hear and just continue their searching mumbling "leave me alone".

One guy found his treasures by taking them right out of my box.   Ya', I nicely asked for them back.

It's hard to find your little treasures in this kind of situation I think.  I think I'm more of a flea market girl, where the stuff is usually neatly displayed. Or a tag sale girl, where it's so much easier to look around.  I think I should leave this kind of pickin' to the experts like Jenni at the Mercantile.

But look what I managed to pick up:

I would have totally passed over vintage checks if I didn't see how the Mercantile design team has used them in their monthly kits.  You know, they have gorgeous graphics on them!  The pages of the Winston Readers has great graphics and sweet child-like text.  There's old sheet music in great condition there and a sweet little book.

So that's my adventure for today.  I need a rest. 

and then I'll scrapbook - the new Haven line by JBS is so much fun to scrap with.  It goes with everything and there is true genius behind these product lines, I swear!

A new kit reveal is coming on the 31st and I created my favorite mini to date with it:

Have a wonderful weekend!

circa 1999


  1. Such cool finds Betsy! I would be totally intimidated in that situation. I've been wanting to find maps for projects I have in mind and I have no clue where to go looking - do you have any ideas? They don't have to be vintage maps.

  2. you go Bets.... but what an experience!!!


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