May 19, 2011

Life Right Now ...

has been full of this:

and this:

and heart attack producing moments like this:

Any hints for a center fielder's mom on how to get a good photo from the fence?  The best I can do:

But a dear friend got great shots of ds' all important home run for which I made a little trophy:

Supplies used: Seal Stamp, Sport Mini Bingo Cards, Vintage Black Line Mini Patterned Paper, Die Cut circle label, Black/Red Flag Banners, twine, and vintage stamping blocks.

Aren't those old number stamping blocks great?!  Read more about this here!

Other goings on?

Check out this wonderful JBS challenge here: Four Ingredients Challenge

have a great and creative day!


  1. I love this~would have loved some of those printers blocks, too!!! nice work as always!

  2. Fantastic photos! And I just love that trophy! :)

  3. Fabulous Betsy! Those are some awesome photos and I love the trophy. I can see my future with my little (baseball-obsessed) guy :)

  4. Me again! Still stalking your blog. I just love your style. This trophy is beyond fabulous. :)


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