Apr 26, 2011

Two Reasons to Wear Your High School Stuff at the Flea Market

We visit a flea market in Rhode Island while on vacation every year.  The boys like to wear their high school stuff - team t-shirts, hats - stuff like that to the market.

When I asked them why, they said they meet a lot of other people from our town that notice them because of their high school and town name.  People who don't even know them, will introduce themselves because they're from the same town and usually start talking about our High School baseball team and high school sports in general.

Last summer, we found another reason for wearing your school name big and proud.

As Matt was walking the market isles, he heard "Hey New Canaan!" and turned, and a very observant seller beckoned him closer.  The seller showed him an old glass milk bottle with our town's name on it.

Matt found me and excitedly explained that he had an unbelievable treasure to show me.

The old milk bottle is from a dairy farm that used to be in our town.  I'm sure the very smart and observant seller sold it to us at a higher price, knowing he had sentimental buyers standing in front of him.

But this was a cool buy - a very cool buy . . .

and speaking of flea markets, I have a little tutorial over at the JBS Inspiration blog on turning an old washboard into an inspiration/memo board. 

 Take a look here: Repurposed Washboard

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  1. LOVE the washboard idea! Definitely going to look for one on my next thrifting trip :o)

  2. What a fun post -
    and that washboard idea looks like a tutorial I'm going to need to watch! We actually have a washboard sitting here in need of a purpose! :o)

  3. That is very cool! What a great find!! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. How FUN! We so need to get together at hit up the Elephant's Trunk together sometime. :)

  5. I love your washboard! Once we move into our house, I need to upgrade my inspiration board. :D

  6. Such a cool find!!! And LOVE the idea of the washboard repurpose!

  7. Now THAT'S my idea of serendipity!

  8. love the idea of the washboard! I have one that my MIL gave to me years ago that used to hang on the wall in the kitchen.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I never leave here without feeling inspired. Thank you for that :)

  10. Betsy, I loved your washboards so much I looked at getting one on ebay but they're a little out of my price range! Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. curly! man - i don't know WHY some washboards on ebay are going for $50-100 and some are less than $10. How strange - i got mine at an antique store for less than $20.

    i KNOW you'll be able to find some cheap somewhere!


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