Mar 7, 2011

And a Good Time Had by All

The JBS Mercantile online crop was a blast!  I was so busy chatting I haven't had time to look through all the layouts posted for the challenges yet.

You can still enter any of the challenges listed here. Deadline is Sunday March 13th at 7pm CST. Awesome prizes!  I've been so inspired by the submissions.  I've got to look through them all!

And a wonderful birthday party on Saturday for my boys . . .  things got a little crazy . . .  and things got a little crafty too . . .  since my very crafty sil wanted to learn how to use medium on canvas . . .  we did it . . .

and we now have to wait to the next get together to paint it . . .

And after all that . . . dearest sweet little niece asks me "Auntie Betsy . . . . do you have any craft stuff?"

Huh?!!!!  You know the answer to that honey!  After sitting her at my desk i caught her in action:

Be still my heart!


  1. Now that looks like fun! Does Aunt Betsy have craft stuff or what?!! :)

  2. If you don't have any, I'm sure we can find some more for you somewhere! Jared


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