Feb 28, 2011

Sharing Some Ribbon!

Did you know that May Arts has challenges and contests every month?  And that you can win a roll of ribbon from them?  Check it out on their blog here!  I think they post at the beginning of the month - not totally sure.

Here's what I entered last month . . . Messenger Doves:

Made with Jenni Bowlin Studio patterned paper, vintage buttons and bling for the eyes and May Arts Ribbon for the wings.

These doves are truly messenger doves because they're carrying inspiring messages to whoever would like to read.

They're being housed in a birdcage I found at my parents' house. I snagged it before it made it to the consignment shop!

I received a whole roll of this ribbon just for submitting and getting an "hm":

and I'd like to share . . . so leave a comment here and I'll draw a name Thursday 10pm est.  I'll send off 3 yards of this very cool stuff to you!

And Weeeeehooooo!  I cannot wait for this!

All those details here!


  1. Looks like a neat ribbon. Is it made of felt? Your inspiration doves are definitely worthy of a hmm.

    Thanks for a chance to win some ribbon.

    Kathy R

  2. Love the birds and their wings! You're too creative, Betsy!!

  3. Just found you while meandering in blog-land. You are so creative. Beautiful work.
    Bookmarked you and will definitely check here regularly.
    Gorgeous ribbon.

  4. how totally creative and ultra cute! I love your project :0)

  5. that is so nice of you! that is the cutest project!

  6. stunning work!! Looking forward to this weekend!!!

  7. Wow, I want to just sit and look at that adorable little birdcage. I am loving the colors of everything, especially that great black/white/red that stands out against the turquoise of the cage. What a totally cute idea.

  8. What a cute project! Wonderful use of that bird cage - a good "steal!" LOL!!

  9. very cool ribbon and that bird cage rocks. and the birds are a perfect touch.

  10. That is so adorable! Great job snagging that cage.


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