Nov 1, 2010

A Gorgeous Kit and a Reluctant Princess.

A kit full of red, black, cream, surprises, and one of a kind things:

You must see what the DT did!  Right here!

My sweet little pup is not a girly-girl.  No way. No how.  But not having any girls of my own, I'm so tempted to dress my sweetness up - just a little - once in a while.  And since it's Hallowe'en, what a better time than now.

I didn't spend a whole lot of time on this. I knew it would be torn to bits in a sec:

She wouldn't even look at the camera!  Oh how she hated this!

And soooo excited to see the new lineup for the Masterful Scrapbook Design series for November!  Learning Details with Jenni Bowlin, Doris Sander, Kayleigh Wiles, and Tanis Willis.  The two monthly classes I've taken so far have been IN-credible.  I've learned so much!  Cannot WAIT for Details!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Betsy~ very interested in the Masterful Scrapbook Design series ~ how can I get in on that? Thanks Connie Mercer

  2. Connie - I'm adding a link and I'll email you too!

  3. Thanks for the reminder for the Masterful Scrap series. I want to sign up for that. Off to peek at the Jenni Bowlin site now. xoxo

  4. haha, i swore that i would have a girl dog after having all boys and a boy dog...guess what ihave now? TWO more male dogs. LOL {sigh} you can't pick who ya love.

    i adore that close to check out more


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