Sep 15, 2010

Hybrid Hump Day and Nature at its Best

What do you do when you have photos of one adorable niece playing in the grass?  Scrap them, of course!

This one is hybrid and was published in ScrapStreet Magazine in August.  And here is how the layout evolved from a template:

Starting with this gorgeous Katie Pertiet template:

I moved elements of the template around to better accomodate my photos and added gorgeous digital paper to create the digi base:

and then embellished with flowers made from Jenni Bowlin Crepe Paper Ribbon:

I think my nieces were made to be photographed!  They can work the camera already!

If you're interested in making crepe paper flowers like those above, I've put my ScrapbookChallenges class on this blog.  The link is up top.

Now, something really amazing happened when we were in Rhode Island in August.  There were about ten of us sitting around at dinner.  DH had a north facing window right in front of him.  

dh:  Wow, there's a lot of dragonflies flying around out there.

eating and conversation

dh:  Wow, there's really a lot of dragonflies flying around out there.

more eating and conversation

dh: OK . . . I mean there are a MILLION dragonflies flying around out there.

dh gets up and goes outside

dh:  OMG!! You gotta see this!

We all rush out to see hundreds thousands millions! of dragonflies flying in a south/west direction.  Looking east, we could see the giant cloud of more dragonflies coming our way.

I took photos, but this was really hard to photograph.  Here's one bad photo:

and they were all flying this way:

I never knew that certain species of dragonflies migrate.  Incredibly cool.

thanks for stopping by! - betsy


  1. What a sweet template and what ADORABLE photos!

  2. i love that page! the dimension of the tissue flowers is just perfect!

    and wow...that is a lot of dragon flies! (good thing it wasn't bees or mosquitoes.. :P)

  3. WOW! I never knew that either. I would have loved to see that dragonfly swarm.

  4. Your layout is lovely and so are your nieces.

  5. Love your layouts! You do awesome work with the template & you made me missed digi. LOL!

  6. ok you have to tell me what you print your layouts on - they look soooooooooo good!


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