Sep 27, 2010

Flea Market Fun and Pinch Me Please

Sunday was my 'special' day and I honestly don't like a fuss to be made over my own birthday.

But I did tell dh that there was one thing I'd LOVE to do on my birthday: to go to the Elephant's Trunk, the big flea market about 40 minutes away in New Milford.

But a big part of the deal was to go WITH dh.  This is one thing that dh and I love to do together.  You see, dh is quite the handy man.  He can make something out of anything.  It is his therapy.  And I tend to have an eye for pretty things.  I think in our next life, we are going to be this talented lady and handy guy.   And we'll spend all our days traveling from flea market to flea market loading our truck and turning old pieces pretty again.

We didn't spend a lot - at all. I'm talking less than $30 all together.  But we did look at things and came up with "plans" for cool pieces of furniture we didn't buy this time around.  And just dreaming and planning can be fun.

Here are the few things I got Sunday:

An old book, parts of a door pull, a coin with a hole, a skeleton key, a gorgeous metal flower thingy, a wire flower frog, and what is that kitchen tool . . .  a whisk? . . . an egg separator . . . ?

The book is for an altered book class I'm taking at The Great American Stamp Store. I'm so excited - haven't taken a 'live' class in a long time!  Wonder if any other CT bloggers will be there?

Also very excited to be asked to be a part of the Jenni Bowlin Mercantile kit club DT.  I first heard of Jenni's kits a couple years back at Amy's old store - everyone was RAVING about her kits - gorgeous stuff - and unique stuff mixed in.  My first kit ever was a Jenni Bowlin kit - and then I was hooked!  So pinch me please . . . !!!!!  There are already some layouts posted on the JBS Inspiration blog using the October kit that will go on sale soon.

I love checking out other blogs - so leave a comment - even just one of these ----->   :)
and I'll come check out yours - I get so inspired by everyone I meet - irl and online!

have a great day - thanks for stopping by! - betsy


  1. Huge congrats Betsy on the JBS gig - you were made for each other! Glad you had a fun birthday. I love that flower frog thingy - I want to get one of those!

  2. great finds! I have been looking everywhere for those metal flower frog things. I am jealous!

  3. Happy Birthday Betsy!!! Congratulations on the JB DT! You so deserve it!


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