Jul 20, 2010

A Wonderful Digi Kit and the Coach that Won't Quit

Jen Martakis has a new digi kit out that is just adorable. I love the colors and the whimsical designs.  Combining it with her White Space No. 7 template, gave me somethin' like this:

The strips on the side of the main photo may have been meant for digi paper, but who says you can't insert photos in there instead?  I have a layout in the August issue of BHG Scrapbooks, etc that shows this point also.  I LOVE templates - there's so much you can do with them!

Kate Pertiet Stamped Stitches

My Fabulous Flowers Class is up and running!  It's free!  So head on over, sign up, and download some handouts and watch some video!  I really don't have such a raspy voice with a lisp, so can you just ignore how I sound?! Jeepers! LOL!

And leaving you with a little bit of funny . . . 

The boys have been playing in a competitive baseball league this summer.  They sooo enjoy the other boys and the coach is such a character and cracks them up!  There have been ups and downs, laughs, and tears, wins and losses with this team.  So when the coach looked at me and said, "This team is gonna KILL ME!"  he really wasn't kidding - look at him now:

Broke his hand at practice.  Just hours after surgery he was on the field coaching.  Had to rework all his third base signs though . . . 

Have a wonderful and creative day! - betsy

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