Mar 28, 2010

Jenni Bowlin gorgeousness + Flea Market stuff = Easter Ornaments

So if you read my last post, you saw that I scored big and spent $10 at the flea market warehouse.  Scored on the lovely chandelier crystals and some buttons. I did go back and bought the wooden cabinet.  DH wasn't too happy - it wasn't too expensive, but he said he could have made it himself. He's right.  He's quite handy that way.  But then again, he hired someone to create a facebook page for his business. Hello.  I think we're even.

I sat at my desk with my lovely crystals, some flea market jewelry, Jenni Bowlin chipboard buttons, Jenni Bowlin pins, wire, flea market ribbon, wire cutters, and Windex.  I was in heaven. I could honestly think of nothing more fun than chopping apart the flea market stuff and finding ways to put it together with my Jenni Bowlin stash.

I have a wire tree that I put out at Christmas, and then change up the ornaments in January to my beaded snowflakes, and then change it up again at Easter to an Easter tree.  And here are my new Easter ornaments:

Some shots taken outside:

They were actually blowing in the wind - and I caught it:

And I was back at the warehouse again Saturday with my friend Amy and her sweet daughter Elizabeth. That's three times in a week. The owner  thinks I'm weird. 

We were on the prowl and were searching for seam binding.  If you ever want to look for fabric type stuff with anyone, take Amy.  She knows everything.  She has a family history with this stuff:

me:  I think this is seam binding!
Amy: No, that's double faced satin ribbon.
me: I think this is seam binding!
Amy: No, that's old wrapping ribbon.
me: I think this is seam binding!
Amy: No, that's blanket binding.
me: I think this is seam binding!

well . . . you get the picture.

Amy found a hidden spot of potential treasures:

Could there be  seam binding in there?

Nope, no seam binding.

And then we got in trouble for looking in places we weren't supposed to be. That's always fun.

I spent another $10 on buttons and crystals.  They definitely think I'm weird. 

There was a tag sale in the next building and guess what we found?

yep - seam binding.  Just a little.  But we found it.  And I was going to take a picture of the precious seam binding, but broke a glass jar in the process.  Yep.  That's me.

Next project - I've got tons of hybrid stuff in the works - can't wait to share.  Hybrid is SO.MUCH.FUN.

leaving you with this.  i love moss:

Thanks so much for visiting!  - betsy


  1. I had such a blast with you on our Treasure Hunt yesterday, Betsy!! Thanks so much! Elizabeth loves her Crystal Treasure and wanted to sleep with it. Too cute!

    LOVE your Ornaments!! So, so pretty! :)

  2. Wow Betsy! That is amazing! You are so creative!

  3. You have me SO antsy now to go treasure hunting!!! I just found out, that come summer... we have a HUGE antique market every weekend, about 10 minutes from my door. I cannot wait! It opens on April 25th. It's outdoor, and it's massive... and I've never been before! I didn't really think of it, until I read your post!

    Hey... if you wanna write a book... you gotta start by just writing a book! :)

  4. First of all, LOL at your husband and the FB thing. ;)

    I adore your ornaments. They are beautiful!

    Your photography is stunning!

  5. those are awesome!!!! treasure hunting is such fun - haven't been in too long.

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  7. LOL! Funny you guys were snooppin'. hee hee. Love what you did with the buttons and crystals. How clever!

    (that was me that deleted my post, I spelled something wrong, and I really hate typos!)

  8. Pretty project! those buttons look so cool with the crystals! Great moss too! :)

  9. ooh! I love those hanging things! They are soooo pretty!

  10. I love the hunt too! What a great project, thanks for sharing it! I'm going to be sending some friends to check out your blog. :)

  11. Wow! Those are so neat and clever!

  12. WOW that project is gorgeous!!! Love how you used the crystals and your Jenni stash. Brilliant!

  13. The "hanging thingies" are GORGEOUS. The photo of the moss is stunning. Love it!

  14. Hi Betsy- Mom sent me your link! Your new craft is beautiful! They would make great earrings too! Would love to go with you to this flea market warehouse!! Hope to see you soon - thinking of you always -

  15. Betsy: You are so creative. Everyone should do what makes them happy. I want to get more into Art Quilts. I have ideas and stuff. I just have to do it!!Love to the family. Aunt Fram


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