Mar 7, 2010

I Hoard Craft Stuff

*** Pamela - I drew your name for seam binding - check your email *** 

I'm slowly cleaning out the basement and it's pretty crazy the stuff I've saved throughout the years.  ALL THE CRAFTING STUFF!  Pom poms, styrofoam, pipe cleaners, wooden balls, gems, sequins, glues, paints, jute, magnet rolls . . . the list goes on and on. I've saved the stuff I used in high school. Everything. My boys had a blast with everything when they were younger. But now, they're 18 and 17 and the thought of glueing googly eyes on a pom pom just doesn't cut it anymore.

Buuuuut . . . my sil was here Sunday and she is organizing crafts at her dd's school.  Ahhhh . . . dear sil, do I have stuff for YOU! We filled up two big boxes of stuff for her to take home. It feels soooo good.

But, I did find good stuff - the stuff you gotta save - and use.  Like this pile of beauties:

Old seam and blanket binding that I forgot I had.  Probably from my sweet grandma. Beeeaauuutiful!

And I'll share some of this seam binding . . . if you want some . . . I'll put a  couple yards of whatever I have most of in an envelope . . . just let me know in comments and I'll draw a name Tuesday eve!

And finding that got me in the mood to hit the flea market warehouse in Norwalk. They didn't have any seam binding that I could find, but I did find THIS:

. . . I have no idea what it is, but I know just what I'm going to do with it!

And . . . wouldn't you LOVE to win all of these?

There's a contest going on over at .   It's easy . . . and you can win all those beautiful butterflies! 

thanks for stopping by! have a creative week - betsy


  1. Oh man...I hoard craft stuff too. :)

  2. Oh dear, you brought up a subject that I just might want to plug my ears over!!! My HUGE craft closet in the garage! I can only imagine the treasures and un-treasures that are hiding in there that I never think about! Sounds like alot of your found a good home though.

  3. LOL I hoard craft stuff too!!! That just made me laugh and have to come here. LOL

  4. Ohhhhh I soooo need to clean out my craft hoarding closet!! I adore all of the fun stuff you've found!! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. I hoard magazines! Yep... need Martha Stewart from Christmas 1994? I think I have that! Actually, I've been really trying to keep up with this and have been getting rid of them! But, just when I think I have it licked, I find one from 2001...oops! Thanks for the Travel Card! I was very excited that I got picked! :)

  6. beautiful seambinding from yesteryear......don't we all have some wonderful stuff stashed that we have forgotten about? i think it may be time for me to tackle that same out the closet.


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