Feb 5, 2010

Cool new stuff in the scrapbook world!

Erica Hernandez is teaching a great free digital class over at twopeasinabucket.com .  Here's the link to January's class: Digi 101 

Little Light Studio is a great new site. Just gorgeous - started up by Wilna Furstenberg and Kayla Aimee.

A new kit is up at Jenni Bowlin Mercantile. So gorgeous and you've gotta check out the DT gallery!

ScrapHD is LIVE!

Such a cool new way of looking at digital! Jenni Bowlin and other great manufacturers are on board with this. Here's one I did - used some JB butterflies here! You can actually scroll through the album. You'll see Jen Martakis' This Year kit in one of the pages (the flowers)! As a ScrapHD.net club member, you can download your own digital elements, too.

thanks for visiting!


  1. ooooooooooo i love how you cleverly used the tickets. yes!

  2. I love that layout! Just plain clever and unusual use of those great butterflies.

  3. This is gorgeous Betsy! I love it!

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