Jan 18, 2010

Guest blogger on ItsScraptacular and Jenni Bowlin blog inspiration

I'm a guest blogger today on the ItsScraptacular blog today - check it out. Features project number NINE that I made from their endless January kit!

here's a sneak:

The Jenni Bowlin Inspiration Blog just inspires me over and over. Stephanie made a gorgeous simple printer's tray (see it here) and it inspired me to make my own.

The 7gypsies Printer Tray was from a JBS Mercantile project kit.   Used Jenni's mini bingo cards, and accented with little beach rocks and these very cool copper flowers I found at a flea market.

Simple, sweet, and I love it!  So bummed that I can't really take clear, clear pics anymore.  It's my hands/arms . . . but hoping this can change one day.  For me . . . and for so many others! Support a cure for MS, if you can. They are getting closer to finding a reason, giving relief, and one day reversing. The 3 "Rs" I keep in my head. And let's throw PREVENTION in there. So our future generations don't have to deal with this disease. Can't lose the hope.

Thanks for stopping by! - betsy


  1. I love your version of the Jenni Bowling pieces. Awesome work.

  2. sooo love this!!! Awesome project and congratulations"

  3. Oh that is so cool Betsy! Love it!

  4. Love how you used those bingo cards with the artist tray! Fab project!!

  5. I love these projects. They are wonderful! I am also involved with the MS Society. My oldest sister has suffered with MS for 30 odd years. I've watched her from day one, when she woke up paralized, as a single parent to a baby, and in the middle of nursing school. She has gone thru some incredible things. Today, though she has continued to have several attacks, she has done well. She became a nurse, and has stayed out of a wheelchair all these years.

  6. Gorgeous take on the artist tray!

  7. Such a beautiful piece of art/decor! I think the tray and bingo cards have been a winning combo!

    From one "pharmgirl" to another
    ~SugarJen (RPh)


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