Oct 13, 2009

I Finally Did It!

There was an awesome layout that I saw years ago - I think it might have been by Teresa Olier, but I can't find it anywhere now. She did this wicked cool technique with fonts. I never tried - just filed it away in the old memory bank. Then I came across this very similar add online:

Then, the class Fun With Type with Kelly Purkey inspired us to use fonts this week - so I gave it a shot.

OK - for all you digi girls out there, I know this is easy.  But I didn't think I was going to be able to figure it out.

Here's my layout:

(American crafts patterned paper, Jenni Bowlin rubon butterfly)

What I did was create a digi brush out of my typed words "sandy hands".

Just in case you'd like to know how to do it (in PSE):
1. create a new document with transparent background
2. type your word(s) in your desired font
3. click on the rectangular marquee tool and draw a rectangle around your word(s)
4. edit > define brush from selection
5. a window will pop up asking you to name your brush > OK
6. your word(s) is now a brush that you can 'stamp' all you like.
7. you can stamp it heavily like in the middle of my title and can change the colors just as you would with any brush. I gave a final white stamp in the middle of my heavy stamping in my layout.

am I the only one who never knew how to do this?

thanks for stopping by! - betsy


  1. This is AWESOME!!! Definitly something to try. :)

  2. So very cool!!!
    You had me until you said:
    1) Create..and then it looked like this sdvnkdgfbvnufibdkcdchdcuhdcdz
    PSE is another language to me. lol

  3. Great job!! I love how it turned out. I did digi first, then switched to paper, so I worked backwards! LOL!

  4. Hi Betsy, I remember that layout! I thought it was cool too when I saw it. I haven't tried too many digital techniques in my scrapbooking. But I do love your finished page. :)

  5. Great Betsy - I have been doing digi for a while but hadn't bothered trying to make stamps - think I might just give it a go now. x

  6. Love all your stuff! It's great to get new inspiration from others! I like how you combine digital and 'ordinary' scrapping! Thanks again for your help on TwoPeas about my blog link!

  7. that is such a cool page betsy, love it! you rock the hybrid pages chica!

  8. Wow, that is really cool, thanks for sharing how to do it. This is the first time visiting your blog is is beautiful and your work amazing, you really know how to rock typography. thanks for the nice comment you left me on 2peas,


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