Sep 22, 2009

I Love Blurry Pictures

Sometimes, you just can't throw those blurry photos out. Sometimes the blurry-ness tells the story. And sometimes, even if the head is cut off, there's just enough of everything else that you

Like in this photo - there's just enough of her smile, and her Hawaiian skirt and lei. And the blurriness, well, sometimes that's all I can get of her, and it tells the story of her growing too fast.

(patterned paper, brads are all American Crafts, Scrapworks fabric tag, and Cricut cut flowers)

Great Deals and a Giveaway:

I love a great scrapbooking sale and is having a clearance on some AC stuff - great prices! Just put "American Crafts clearance" in their search box, or click on the AC clearance banner.

Did you see this giveaway? Product Pizzazz  201 Giveaway .  This class is taught by Doris Sander. Amazing, amazing scrapper.

Have a great week! - betsy


  1. I love this!! Blurry pictures usually show so much emotion!

  2. How fun! and I love how it's cropped too! I found your blog through 2peas. :)

  3. i love it! looks great and i love how you used a larger version of it.


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