Jun 4, 2009

Chances to Win - and a great flea market find

There are a couple of great monthly ongoing contests out there that I'd like to pass along.

Magistical Memories - has a monthly challenge on their site and the winner gets a gift certificate for free chipboard. Their chipboard is great - it's just the right thickness and even looks good naked!

Scrapbooks.com - has a monthly sketch challenge and the winner gets a gift certificate to their incredible store. I LOVE the Scrapbooks.com store. They have a great selection of stuff.

Both these sites have great women on the boards and are a lot of fun and full of inspiration. I've won both of these at one point or another and want to spread the good word! And these prizes are given out monthly- so there are lots of chances to win.


Snagged up these babies! Take a look at these awesome wooden spools I found at a local warehouse flea market:

I thought they'd be great for my ribbons - and look how pretty they look:

Sort of look nice right there on the mantel, don't they?

Have a creative week! - betsy


  1. ooh - loving those spools Betsy! they look awesome!

  2. What a great find! Love them!!! And thanks for sharing about those contests.

  3. Thanks for sharing and love those ribbon holders!

  4. Love your ribbon storage, great idea and pretty too! Inspires you to use them I bet.

  5. Ooh I like those spools, so pretty with the ribbon.


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