Sep 26, 2008

Drawing Names and a Quick Project

OK! I had ds#2 draw names from a bowl before he went to school. I figured I actually had enough to give to two scrappers, so he picked two names:

The Real-Roxann
Claude (yes - i'll send to Canada!)

and after dividing everything out, saving some for me and another scrapping buddy, I realized I had enough for another drawing and I pulled out:


So, email me your address (see side bar) and I'll send these out!

And if I ever hit the flea market again - and see some cool stuff - I'll be sure to RAK the others on the list. It stinks to not have enough for everyone!

Here's one of the more colorful pics from the flea market this summer:

Did you ever want to make something with your supplies, but just weren't in the mood for a page layout? A while ago, I decided to just decorate a photo mat and display it on a plate stand:

All American Crafts. Picture was from my first assignment from a photography course at a local community college. DS was great - allowing me to place him among the pumpkins as I played with my f-stop. :)

Have a creative week! - betsy


  1. Thank you for sharing expanding the drawing and making room for me! That bling will get lots of love. =)

    BTW, I love that photo with the pumpkins and the frame is just adorable.

  2. Hi, Betsy, That's such a great idea with the photo mat --- and looks like you're doing a fabulous job with the camera!

  3. Congrats to Noell and all your winners but then everyone who shares in blog land are winners because that makes it all the more fun.

    Fun frame to celebrate the seasons.

  4. So cool, love that decorated mat!

  5. Hey Friend!!

    I love love love that photo mat. It's perfectly sweet!

    Let's get together soon, I'd love to see you!! (and that photo mat, too!!)


  6. Thank you so much, you are sweet!

    What a great photo mat, thanks for the idea!

  7. thanks so much for the vintage bling, betsy! I am just dying to find a place to use them!!

    ps...I was teaching at CKC-Harford this weekend and when I got home Sunday your package was here! I probably saw you at convention!!




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