Feb 1, 2008

Jolie Chocolat

I visited Express Yourself the other day and found a new line of SEI papers: Jolie Chocolat. This stuff is GORGEOUS! Beautiful patterns, beautiful colors, and the sheets are embossed, glittered, foiled, etc. There's a ton of stuff in the line - here's a link to see it all: http://www.shopsei.com/main.cfm?heading=0&categoryoid=8&productoid=199&page=1

I bought some of the papers without having any kind of plan for them. They were just too gorgeous to pass up.

They were also just too gorgeous to just have sitting on my desk, so I made a creative journal with some of it. I really like the Staples No Snag spiral ring notebook. It's easy to take the cover off, remove pages, and customize the way you want. This is the fourth one I've done and I really do fill them up with all my sketches, thoughts, and inspirations.

Here's the cover. The paper is glittered - gorgeous.

Square templates (Hambly transparency) for my sketches hang from ribbon on the first page.

My own pocket page for 'stuff'.

Here's a closeup of cute new Primas I used as section dividers.

If you've seen any new line around that you think is just GREAT, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. That line is beautiful, I've not seen it before! And another gorgeous project Betsy!!

  2. Gorgeous paper! I haven't seen this yet. I adore your journal! I love how you used the flowers and those templates... genius! I always find such inspiration on your blog, thanks!!

  3. okay, you and your blog just got ME in trouble. I am ordering some right now. They are gorgeous and I am a sucker for pink and brown. They are my "signature" colors! Thanks for sharing!! (I jumped in from a thread from 2peas, in case you were wondering where I popped in from!)


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