Jan 23, 2008

Birthday Girl Photo Shoot

It was a big event at our house last night. "The girl" turned three. I did a little photo shoot with my sweet one this morning and here's a pic that came out pretty good:

Now, if you know me, you're asking, "How did she take this picture, get it developed, scan the print, and post this so quickly?"

Well, I am now the proud owner of a digital camera. Yes, I held out for a long time, but finally bought a Nikon D80.

I am having a BLAST with this thing!


  1. Holy cow, what a cutie!! Love the b-day hat too! And WOOHOOOOO, congrats on the the new camera, that is awesome!!! :)

  2. awesome photo...and I love your banner.
    Kim Bolyard

  3. Very cute shot! Congrats on the new camera too!!!!

  4. Awww...what a cutie! Don't you love the digital camera?!

  5. awwwww Betsy, such a cutie, love her sweet face!

    Thanks for helping me out this am.



  6. Oh my gosh!! That is the cutest picture ever!!! :) Estee

  7. congrats Betsy! Enjoy your new toy!

  8. Aww, how sweet is she Betsy and what agood girl to put on her hat and let you take pics--LOVE it!

  9. Betsy! Just peeked at the Express Yourself site and I'm so happy to see you made the DT! Wish I could have tried for it but time just wasn't on my side!! I hope to get to finally meet you soon!!!! Congrats again! *SUPER cute photo!!


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